ARW Wealth Management

Selecting funds to meet your investment aims.

With over 20,000 funds populating the investment universe, selecting funds to meet our client's needs has become an ever more time consuming and risk associated task. On what basis should a fund be chosen? Past performance, rating companies star rating, a particular fund manager, a particular asset sector ...? The options are numerous and no one option is right or wrong.

To enable us to provide an robust, consistent and regularly reviewed fund selection process that will meet our clients needs we use an external research consultancy—Rayner Spencer Mills (RSM).

By using RSM we believe that any fund we recommend to our clients will have been fully researched and screened against a series of detailed qualitative and quantitative factors and will therefore meet our own robust and consistent investment process.

We also believe that our key strength in dealing with our clients is our experience in financial planning to maximise the probability of them achieving their financial goals and not in attempting to maximise or guarantee investment performance over short periods of time.


* please be aware that the value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all of your original investment.